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Your YouTube channel
You've already put in the time and effort to build a successful and popular YouTube channel, with a strong following. Now, cut out the middleman and take personal control of your channel so that you can make the most of your creative stream, and realize its full potential. Our app gives the power back to you, and as it's platform-independent, if you move to a different video-sharing host further down the line, your users move with you!
Your social networks
Bring your various social feeds together, in one place, to give your channel a strong identity and a clear voice. With full Facebook and Twitter integration, you decide what your followers see. As it stands, Facebook has the power to choose whether your fans see your postings, and if you want greater visibility (amongst your own following!) you have to pay for a boost. We don’t think that’s right. Now, users can get instant access to all of your content via your own branded app.
Your push-messages
Interact instantly with your followers with unlimited push messages, direct to your fans. Entertain and mobilize your following, and promote your stream, with just the touch of a button and at no extra cost. Don’t wait for your users to come to you; draw them in, or give them a nudge in the right direction, with an exciting promotion or a friendly reminder that there’s a stream of great content just waiting to indulge them.